Practice Areas

At The Pels Law Firm, LLC, we have been recognized by clients and colleagues alike for our quality legal services. We are committed to providing individuals and small businesses with dependable legal service. Contact us today to arrange your consultation in any of the following practice areas.


  • Business Litigation   Our experienced business litigation practice includes representing business owners in disputes that include breach of contract, shareholder disputes, and collections.
  • Civil Litigation  Experienced trial counsel with proven results in complex civil matters. Jon D. Pels is often asked by fellow attorneys to assist in cases where the issues of proving civil liability are difficult.
  • Personal Injury  Over 20 years of experience tirelessly working for victims of physical injury due to the negligence of others. We represent clients in cases involving car accidents, personal injury, workplace injury, medical malpractice, defective products, and wrongful death.

“Jon, I can not thank you enough for fighting so hard for me. I couldn’t have picked a better lawyer.”
Charlie Davies, Major League Soccer player

  • Electronically Stored Information (ESI)  When, as is often the case, emails, text messages, and other ESI are important to a case, Jon D. Pels brings to bear his seasoned experience in this emerging and critical area of law. Mr. Pels has taught Continuing Legal Education Courses to fellow trial lawyers on ESI which were approved for credits by the Commonwealth of Virginia and a dozen other states. Mr. Pels also helped to found Foxhound Information Management (, an ESI company that assists trial lawyers in litigation.  Mr. Pels is a consultant to Foxhound on all legal and litigation issues.
  • Consumer Class Actions  The results obtained in high profile cases like the head on collision in 1996 between the MARC and Amtrak trains in Silver Spring, Maryland to the 2 Million Dollar ($2,000,000.00) class action settlement for alleged defective installation of mobile homes (the first of its kind) are incomparable

Business Law   Our business law practice includes representing business clients in business formation, contract review, and serving as ongoing legal counsel. Mr. Pels has litigated cases on behalf of business clients including violations of trade secrets and non-compete agreements for clients as varied as the Fairfax OBGYN to the owner of a 7 million dollar strip mall in Anne Arundel County against Giant food.  He has won these cases often utilizing his experience in ESI to obtain “smoking gun” emails or the like.

Serious Accidents & Injury or Medical Malpractice   Our attorneys provide a complete line of help to people who have been injured by the negligence of another person or entity. Our personal injury practice includes auto accidents, truck accidents, and defective products. We seek maximum compensation for injuries and financial loss.   Recent Jury Trials have resulted in a verdict six (6) times the Defendant insurance companies last offer (Spring 2014, circuit court Montgomery County – Judge Dugan).  When lawyers need a trial lawyer to handle their client’s complicated cases, they often turn to Mr. Pels as was the case with world class soccer player Charlie Davies.  Mr. Pels novel “wide awake drunk” theory was groundbreaking and alerted consumers to an important issue.  Mr. Pels unique litigation skills which have been honed over the last twenty plus years against some of the best law firms in the world including Williams and Connolly (reported opinion) in extremely complex cases  are utilized in simple personal injury cases often resulting in much larger judgments or settlements.

Construction Litigation and CGL Coverage Issues   Our firm provides legal services to residential and commercial property owners who have encountered problems such as construction, manufacturing defects and installation defects and insurance coverage issues.

Foreclosure   Are you worried about losing your home through foreclosure? Our firm can help you stop the foreclosure on your home through filing bankruptcy.

Mobile Home Litigation   Our firm provides legal services to mobile home owners who have encountered problems such as manufacturing defects and installation defects.

Bankruptcy   New bankruptcy laws went into effect October, 2005. Some of the changes make it more difficult for consumers to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy including mandatory credit counseling. Despite these new challenges, it is entirely possible to file bankruptcy and obtain a fresh start on your finances and our firm can help.

Real Estate Law  Quiet title and commercial and residential disputes. Mr. Pels successfully represented a strip mall owner in litigation against Giant Food in Anne Arundel County wherein Giant was improperly attempting to install a gas station without his full approval and input.

Family Law  when the assets are large and the stakes are high, Mr. Pels has been brought in to concentrate on ESI and related discovery issues to protect non-marital assets or to ensure that marital assets are recovered.   Mr. Pels does not handle custody or similar divorce issues but focuses on large assets when the needs arise.