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Coping with COVID-19

Financial Tools and Resources for Your Small Business Many of our clients own and operate small businesses which have been negatively impacted by the Coronavirus. The Pels Law Firm would like to share information with you to help you navigate through this difficult time. Most significantly for our clients seeking immediate funds, borrowers may [...]

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Pels Law Attorney Justin Sadowsky Helping Protect the US Constitution in Case Regarding the “Terrorist Watchlist”

This story was written by Jonathan Shieber and published on TechCrunch 9/5/2019:Link: https://techcrunch.com/2019/09/04/federal-judge-rules-that-the-terrorist-watchlist-database-violates-u-s-citizens-rights/ A federal judge appointed by President George W. Bush has ruled that the “terrorist watchlist” database compiled by federal agencies and used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security violates the rights of American citizens who are on [...]

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Pels Law Firm secures verdict in favor of their client in Fairfax Circuit Court

Fairfax circuit court jury returned a unanimous verdict awarding punitive damages on behalf of clients represented by Jon D. Pels. The punitive damages amounted to approximately 50 times the actual compensatory costs incurred by Mr. Pels’ clients. This is the second jury trial in a row in which Mr. Pels has obtained exemplary damages on [...]

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Pels Law Firm Weighs in on the Ill-Conceived “Rain Tax”

[Originally published in the Montgomery County Sentinel, February 8th, 2019] ROCKVILLE – The Montgomery County Council unanimously approved a financial assurance plan that indicates it is on track to fund certain water-quality programs, to the chagrin of some county residents. The financial assurance plan, or FAP, stated that the county has enough funds to meet [...]

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Jury returns a unanimous 12 to 0 resounding verdict for the Pels Law Firm client SRM Arms and Jeffrey Hajjar

The trial in Boise, Idaho, started on October 2, 2018 and ended on October 18, 2018 and included 343 exhibits related to a business dispute, including allegations of fraud. The jury returned their verdict on Friday, October 19, 2018. “The jury got it," stated Jon D. Pels, who served as lead counsel on the case. "It is rare that you get a 12 to 0 unanimous verdict, but there were tears in the courtroom as the verdict was being read."

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Tips for Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

Many of us have been injured either while on the job or by some sort of criminal negligence. Not only is it painful, but situations like these could incur serious economic consequences for you and your family if not dealt with correctly. It’s difficult to navigate litigation without proper legal representation- thus, it’s in your [...]

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Differences Between Chapter 7, 11 and 13 Bankruptcy

When economic times threaten the stability of your finances, it’s tough to know how to proceed. Do you struggle through the mounting pile of debt or do you file for bankruptcy? If the debt is manageable, hiring a financial adviser could be worth it, but if your accounts are looking to bleak to handle, declaring [...]

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How to Avoid Personal Injury Lawsuits?

Sometimes in life, there’s not much that could have been done to prevent injuries from happening. Other times, you wish that you would’ve done anything to avoid them. It’s a tough world we live in today, but if you want to live it as lawsuit free as possible, here are some steps for you or [...]

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Thinking About Declaring Bankruptcy?

You’ve worked hard, saved your money, sent kids through college or started a business. Now you’re facing the same fate as the likes of Mike Tyson, Nicolas Cage and Marvin Gaye: a bank account full of zero’s. It’s tough when fears meet reality. If only we could go back in time and put all of [...]

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