Erin Webb

Erin L. Webb is an accomplished litigator with a focus on recovering insurance proceeds for business clients. She has recovered funds for policyholders under commercial general liability, directors and officers, political risk, professional liability, and first-party property policies, including business interruption and contingent business interruption losses. She also has experience with additional insured issues, indemnity agreements, insurance issues in mergers and acquisitions, claims against insurance brokers, and insurance issues relevant to clients facing bankruptcy. She has negotiated recoveries for her clients in their insurers’ insolvency proceedings.

Erin Webb will be starting a new chapter with Bloomberg Law next month. We will miss her, but wish her much success in her new endeavor!

Where did you graduate from college? Where did you graduate from law school?
I graduated from Western Michigan University – Kalamazoo and University of Michigan Law School – Ann Arbor.

Why did you want to study law? Did you always want to be a lawyer?
Tons of reasons – I was a speech and debate kid and enjoyed all that very much.

What’s your favorite part about working at Pels Law?
The people! Collaboration and friendly faces make it all worthwhile.

What type of cases do you generally handle at Pels Law? Who is your typical client?
I’m a litigator so that’s my bread and butter. My usual case is contract law because of my background in insurance disputes.

What is your own practice? When did you start it?
I started my solo practice in April 2019, and it largely focuses on policyholder-side insurance coverage litigation. I do other work too, especially with Jon.

What made you want to start your own law firm?
I wanted to be in the driver’s seat, not just of my cases but also of all the firm decisions. It’s been eye-opening and really rewarding. I am bringing things to a close next month and trying out a new chapter with Bloomberg Law, where I hope to learn even more.

Who helped you grow your own firm? How have you seen your firm change over the past few years?
My old colleagues from BigLaw and the second and third degree contacts from there. My practice was forced to go totally virtual during COVID and it has been a really interesting process.

How do you manage to work for Pels Law and your own firm?
It definitely keeps me busy! I’ve got more logins than anyone should, really.

What is your approach or philosophy when representing or winning a case?
Always be looking ahead to the next few deadlines and planning backward. Read factual documents and applicable cases more carefully than the other side, and play the angles you get as a result. Out-strategize and use your manpower more efficiently than the other team.

Outside of work what other things are you involved in?
I love playing music and before the pandemic had regular jam sessions with a local folk music circle. I’m a nerd and enjoy video and tabletop games, anime, and SFF books as well!

Author and intern, Bella Neal, is a rising senior at Quince Orchard High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and hopes to pursue a career in law.