The Pels Law Firm is proud to sponsor Erik Lopez as a legal intern this year. Several months ago, Mark Shriver contacted Jon Pels of the firm and asked if he would sponsor a young man who is interested in the practice of law. Mark’s innovative model is that the firm covers $12,000 of Erik’s tuition and then in return he interns with the firm one day a week.

“We have been thrilled with Erik’s work ethic and intelligence. He is a bright young man with a bright future, and I hope we can give him a launching pad to a career in the legal profession,” stated Jon D Pels.

Erik is in the 9th grade at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School. He was born in El Salvador and came to the U.S. in 2007. Music is his passion, and he is a self-taught piano player who plays for the masses at his school. He sings and does solos in his school’s choir. He also enjoys traveling, participating in political activities and helping others. “I love knowing that I can be a tool or resource that will provide security and also happiness to families, and Pels Law is reinforcing these important values!” Erik says. “My experience here has been amazing! My colleagues here are so supportive and are always there for help when needed. I have learned so much about becoming a lawyer. From helping out to filing deposition papers, I am always happy knowing I am a step closer to becoming a professional in this country! I hope that from my time here I will not only get the training and experience of the workplace, but also have a better understanding of what I want to be when taking a career in the future! I do plan to study law and so far Pels Law is proving my interest right! I would like to thank the Corporate Work Study program team at my school and also thank my colleagues at the firm! Thank you all for helping me with this great journey!”