Jon Pels has written and published a new e-book, co-authored with his daughter Kiersten. The book aims to share the knowledge Jon has gained over the course of his extensive career with people who are not trial lawyers.  Entitled “How to Use the Trial Lawyer’s Learned Treatise Exception to Hearsay to Get What You Deserve in Everyday Life“, the book is available for purchase at Amazon.

From Jon: “I wrote this e-book to share with non-trial lawyers what has taken me almost 30 years to perfect.  I intended to let people who were in need and perhaps could not afford or did not want to pay a trial attorney for advice on matters that did not warrant litigation which is the vast majority of problems we all face.

I used the real life example I helped parents of a child being bullied in school because that is a great example of where filing a lawsuit is likely not warranted.     We needed to show the school administrators that they were wrong and that they were violating their own rules.  That corrected the situation because now the administrators would ignore the parents at their own peril.
Many people need the services of a trial lawyer but lets face it – affordable and trial lawyer dont go hand in hand unless its an auto accident.    I wanted share the skills and tools with everyday people to help solve complex issues.”