On Wednesday, May 19th 2021, Maryland Tax Court’s chief Judge, Walter C. “Clay” Martz II ruled in favor of property owners of the Lindbergh Park Owners Association. Judge Martz ruled that Montgomery County unlawfully denied stormwater management tax credits to the LPOA members, who paid for stormwater management systems on their property.

In a statement given to the Daily Record, attorney Maria Olsen, who represented the LPOA members, said this:

“I think it is ridiculous for the county to deny credits to property owners who actually treat their own stormwater. The WQPC credits were designed to incentivize property owners to treat their own stormwater and these property owners do exactly that,” Olsen added Thursday. “Taxpayer funds would be better used going after people who are attempting to evade taxes.”

To read more about the case (Devin Battley, et al., v. Montgomery County, Maryland, No. 19-MI-OO-0429), visit The Daily Record website for the complete article.