Pels Law firm attorney, Maria Olsen, was a guest on the Grow Your Business and Grow Your Wealth Podcast. Host, Gary Heldt, described the episode as follows:

Are you a business owner looking to protect your interests and grow wealth? In this episode of the “Grow Your Business & Grow Your Wealth” podcast, host Gary Heldt engages in a captivating conversation with special guest Maria Leonard Olsen, a commercial litigation attorney. Maria offers invaluable insights into the world of written contracts and commercial litigation.

– Protect Your Business: Maria emphasizes the importance of written agreements for safeguarding your business interests. She cautions against relying solely on oral contracts, which can lead to costly litigation.

– Arbitration’s Advantages: Maria explains the benefits of arbitration as an alternative to traditional litigation, including faster resolution and reduced costs. Consider incorporating arbitration clauses in your contracts for smoother dispute resolution.

– Legal Counsel Matters: Maria highlights the significance of seeking legal advice when dealing with contracts, even those recommended by state agencies. Ensure your business’s interests are protected, and thoroughly understand contract terms and implications.

– Maria’s Expertise: Beyond her role as a commercial litigation attorney, Maria shares insights into her books, podcast, and mentoring endeavors. Her passion for helping others navigate the legal landscape shines through in her experiences and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Reach out to Maria on her personal website at or at Pels Law.